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June 5, 2009

Alec Soth is a ninja…

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So for those who don’t live in Austin (or those that do but didn’t go), Alec Soth is a certifiable badass. In fact he may very well be the Dean of Photographic Badassery. He dropped in on our little city for a presentation of his work and book signing as part of the ACP’s (www.visitACP.org) Icons of Photography series.

Thanks to the big man himself (Eli Reed, another of Magnum’s ninjas), I got to sit down with Alec and hang out for a few hours. We met up yesterday morning and spent the next three hours talking photography, its future, our futures, and so on and so forth. And then we shopped for boots…yeah…boots. I can say without hesitation that this man is two things: an amazing mind as it relates to photography (and most likely other things, but we talked shop) and a phenomenal person. Seriously, he’s just a great guy, and it truly was a pleasure to get to know him. His wife Rachael is also an amazing person, and I was happy she chose this time to come with Alec as she apparently doesn’t travel with him often.

I am most grateful to him because during the course of our conversation I was able to resolve a number of the issues that I had been struggling with, and was able to clarify my own direction, both with regards to my existing work and the direction I plan on following. Apparently only 2 people actually read this, but if Alec ends up seeing it somehow, thanks a ton man.

The evening came and it was presentation time. If he ever comes to a city you’re near, go see him. Most photographers simply put up their work and ramble on about I was here taking a picture of this. Alec actually went into the process of how he develops projects, what he’s thinking and trying to accomplish, and it was a rare and intimate insight into one of the great young photographers of our time.

Someone reading this please explain how to post images within the text of the blog? I upload them into blogger and it puts all the pics at the top (a la the Soth pic above), and it looks whack. I took a bunch of photos but having them randomly scattered at the top of the page isn’t cutting it for me…

Ok…enough for now. Go see Alec if he comes through your town. Maybe next time I’ll actually post pretty well composed pictures…but don’t hold your breath!





  1. bill 2 things:

    1. what exactly did he resolve about your work?? i'm dying to know…

    2. wordpress is better OR tumbler is kind of cool too


    Comment by whitney whitney — June 8, 2009 @ 12:31 AM

  2. Whitney Whitney:

    1. This could be a long conversation, and one that might be better over email. In general though, he helped me resolve how I want to work, what I want to work on, and why I want to work on it. Also, with regards to some of my current work, I had struggled a bit with what I wanted to say, and he helped me mine through it and see what I most wanted to say.

    2. I'll check it out!

    By the way…which Whitney is this?!?!? Martin?

    Comment by Bill Reeves — June 8, 2009 @ 3:16 PM

  3. Hi Bill! haha

    Comment by Liang — August 2, 2009 @ 7:47 PM

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