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October 8, 2009

RIP Irving Penn, I’m a fatass, and I need to get better at this…

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Ok, so far I have been unable to maintain anything resembling consistency as far as blog posting goes, but hopefully this one changes the game for me.

People keep telling me that my blog has to be a photo blog because I’m a photographer.  I’m going to go with no on that one.  This blog will be about whatever it is that interests me at a given moment.  Granted that will usually be photography and so I will be posting a bunch of images…but sometimes it will just be my thoughts.  I hope that’s ok with you, but since it’s my blog I also don’t give a damn!

Ok, so first and foremost I must send out my condolences to the Penn family as photography lost another legend yesterday, Mr. Irving Penn.  A tremendous fashion and portrait photographer, Mr. Penn influenced thousands of photographers, and he will be missed for sure.  Read more about him here:


Finally, I was out in Omaha a couple weekends back for the dedication of my father’s final project.  It was a bit of an emotional time, as well as a time of significant self-discovery.  I’ll be posting more about that later, but one thing I realized is that I no longer fit comfortably in my favorite suit.  Embarrassing to say the least, but more like soul crushing if you want to be honest.  You see, I’ve been on a gradual gain around the midsection for quite some time, and I’ve been too lazy, distracted, or both to do anything about it.  Well, I love that damn suit, so I went to the Doctor and asked what to do to lose weight.  I know, I know…it should be simple right?  Just eat good shit, exercise, and bam!  Yeah, but I truly had no concept of how to eat right, outside of knowing that a diet straight out of Supersize Me (Great flick by the way) was not going to cut it.  So doc put me on th South Beach Diet.  I’ve been on it about a week now and have dropped 6 or 7 pounds.  It also is supposed to be one of the few diets that is truly heart healthy, so I recommend it.  For my fellow fatasses go here:


Of course you can find it anywhere, but for those lazy enough to just want to click I figured I would pass it along.

Alright, I need to go edit some images so that I can post to this non-photo photo blog!




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