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January 16, 2010

Luceo and MJR to exhibit in NYC

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For those of you who don’t know, Luceo Images and MJR are two agencies/collectives whose memberships represent some of the finest up and coming talent in the photography world today.  They are partnering up with each other for a one day only exhibit in NYC.  If you happen to be in town I highly recommend checking them out!  Here is the invite/press release from the Luceo Images website:


Luceo is proud  to announce our upcoming group show for one night only, featuring photographers from Luceo and our partners in crime at MJR.  The show will feature a limited edition fine-art print publication that will be distributed to the first 200 attendees.  Large-scale reproductions of the publication pages will be displayed on the wall.  The show will coincide with Luceo’s upcoming business meeting in New York City; our photographers will be on hand for the event so, please, come out, have a beer and join us.

Where: 25 CPW

When: Thursday, Janaury 21, 2010

Time: 6-10pm EST

Address: 25 Central Park West at the intersection of 62nd Street.  New York, NY


A word from the show’s curator, Gillian Tozer

The role of the documentary photographer has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. No longer emblazoned in funding and dispatched to remote surroundings adjacent to ‘the action’, the photojournalist must now explore their own environment. This exploration of the familiar is perhaps what best aligns the two photography collectives of MJR and LUCEO. Issue One of Make-Do captures the cultural struggle within America as it embraces a ‘new’ era of change while desperately clinging to that which made it solid. Among the degradation and disarray, there are traditions, habits and memories that call out to be salvaged. What you will witness is a dialogue between the America that was and the America that is now. For those working outside of America the same theme pervades. This collection documents the youthful and local meanderings of each photographer. While each series is strikingly different to the next, what remains ubiquitous is a sense of stoicism in the face of an inescapable and united collapse. This subject of human resilience is not uncommon to photojournalism, but it is never cumbersome, nor can be disregarded due to the warmth and significance it emanates. These are everyday, fleeting moments, often stumbled upon, now marked in print.




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