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November 22, 2010

Photographer of the Week – Ariel Zambelich

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PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE WEEK! Haven’t done this in awhile, but there are far too many amazing image makers out there to not do this. In my last post I recapped previous Photographers of the Week (and all are worth checking out to see what they’re onto now…), and this week will be the first Photographer of the Week since the blog reboot. So without further ado, say hello to



Ariel Zambelich

Ok…so Ariel isn’t in the photo, but she took it alright?!?!

Tent City

Tent City

I first met Ariel this past March at SXSW (For those unfamiliar SXSW is South by Southwest, one of the largest music festivals in the U.S. and happens to be in Austin), and can say she is without question a severely cool lady. Apparently Ariel and

I went to Eddie Adams together (Barnstorm XXI), however for whatever reason we didn’t bump into each other at that time. That said, I was glad we were able to hang out because I absolutely love the work this woman produces! Since

graduating from San Francisco State University she has worked as a staff photographer for both The Stockton Record and 209Vibe, as well as a group of amazing publications ranging from The Wall Street Journal to The FADER.

Tent City

Tent City

Tent City

Tent City

As cool as her work for publications is, its her personal work that gets me the most. Just before meeting Ariel I went to her website and came across “father”, a series of images she did on her father as he passed away. I lost my father to cancer

nearly 9 years ago, and viewing her images brought a flood of emotions back to me that I was unprepared for. I didn’t know I was a photographer when my father was ill, but Ariel’s images made me wish I was. I won’t post any images here as

you really need to see the whole story to get the full power of the images.

Another story worth specific mention is “i’ll be a beautiful girl“. i’ll be a beautiful girl is the story of Elena a 54 year old male transitioning to life as a female. The images offer insight into what is obviously a difficult transition, yet they also convey a beautiful happiness that only comes with the realization that you have become who you always thought yourself to be. It takes a great deal of compassion and maturity to tell this story in a way that is not sensationalist nor rife with visual cliches. Kudos to Ariel for bringing this story to light in a unique and heartwarming manner.

beautiful girl

beautiful girl

beautiful girl

beautiful girl

beautiful girl

beautiful girl

So there you go…Ariel Zambelich, this week’s photographer of the week! I personally think she is an amazing talent and one which I look forward to seeing more from. Let us both know what you think!




November 6, 2010

Oh wow…it’s been a minute!

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SO the past few months have been an up and down roller coaster of madness for me. Some good, some bad, but all crazy! In any case, this put me in the position of not having much time to update this blog. That said…


In the coming days I will revive my photographer of the week section, as well as introduce Speaking Vision (or some other name), which will be a mixture of interviews with both established, GREAT photographers, as well as some up and comers that I think have what it takes to find greatness. I’m excited about it and hope it turns out well! As for the photographer of the week section, if you missed my earlier choices, have a look at Shiho Fukada, Matt Eich, John Francis Peters, Dorothy Hong, and Matt Lutton. You can also check ME out if you like!

I’ll also show some images from current projects and will share some exciting updates! So keep your eyes open…this blog is about to get even better!

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