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September 6, 2011


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So the news I wanted to announce in my last post is official and I can talk about it:

The Harry Ransom Center (http://www.hrc.utexas.edu/) has purchased 24 prints from my “A Mirror Will Suffice” series for their permanent collection!

Nathan Huf - From the series "A Mirror Will Suffice"

I am incredibly excited and honored. The Harry Ransom Center boasts an impressive collection that includes the first photograph (yes, the FIRST photograph!) as well as the Magnum archive. To know that my images will be in the same collection as those is humbling. It is perhaps extra exciting for me as I am a 3rd generation Longhorn working on his 3rd degree from the University of Texas, and the HRC is located on its campus. My deepest thanks go to David Coleman for appreciating and believing in my work enough to make it a part of the permanent collection.

So that’s my news! Actually, the news is more important than simply being an acquisition. I have struggled mightily for the past year or so with what I wanted to be doing as a photographer. I would constantly think of projects only to dissect them and then eliminate them before ever making an image. My criteria was so harsh that I am pretty sure I would have never done another project had I continued along that path. I also struggled with the financial aspects of photography as my natural inclination is to try and find a way to support my family with my passion. This was problematic as the type of images I enjoy creating most are often the least rewarded financially. The images that receive the greatest rewards are usually among the least interesting to me, and I didn’t want to make tons of images that were unrelated to my love of the art. In other words, I let myself get confused about photography for all of the wrong reasons.

So I was stuck and found myself completely frozen and unable to make images of ANY type. This led me to decide in late May that I was going to put the camera down, focus on my comprehensive exams, and if I never made another image again then so be it! I went the entire summer without taking a single photograph…

Then I started printing for this HRC sale. It was like I had shed all of the issues that had plagued me only months before. As I stared at the computer screen looking into Nathan’s life, I was reminded of everything that I love about photography. With each print and reprint I gained clarity into exactly what I wanted to get out of photography. When the final print was complete my passion was renewed and my vision restored. I picked up my camera again and returned to the world…

I am once again doing the type of work I love, for all of the right reasons. I no longer subject projects to an unreasonable criteria, and rather open myself to exploring anything that is of interest to me. I chase my curiosity and seek out stories that will shed light on someone’s hardship or success, their joys and their sorrows. In short, I am once again in love with the world and communicating in the way I know best, through a viewfinder.

As such, I will regularly post to this blog (we’ve heard this before right?), but not in such a way as will be concerned with promotion. Rather, I will post images (and on occasion text) that I love, and will use this as a visual diary of sorts. Keep me honest though…let me know when I’m slacking! After all, I appreciate that my work sits in a collection with the Magnum archive, but I have a long way to go before I feel I deserve to be there…


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